Legitmix is dedicated to building virtual bridges between those who create using other people’s music, the artists they sample and music fans. More than an innovative platform, an online store, digital archive and remix search engine – Legitmix is an economic framework for remix culture.


Omid McDonald invented the Legitmix solution after seeing his childhood friend Booker Sim unable to clear the music for a documentary he spent years making. Omid teamed up with Booker and engineers from his former startups to found Legitmix in 2010. Seed financing came from Canadian angel investors including the Purple Angels, a group of engineers who helped build the infrastructure behind the internet. A beta version of Legitmix was launched at SXSW 2011 with Diplo’s “Mad Legit” mixtape. Legitmix secured a second round of financing in 2012 led by the Ontario Emerging Technology Fund (OETF). Legitmix is based in Ottawa, Canada and Brooklyn, New York.

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Omid McDonald - CEO/co-founder

Legitmix inventor Omid McDonald is an experienced technology entrepreneur. He founded VMI Medical, producing software for America’s leading pediatric hospitals, and mobile tech company Simbit whose embedded software shipped in millions of phones worldwide. Both companies were eventually acquired and generated positive returns for investors.

Gerry Burtenshaw - CTO/co-founder

Gerry Burtenshaw started his career at Corel, where he worked on a series of well received mass-market applications. After Corel, Gerry joined Simbit, architechting its high transaction volume back-end software. More recently, Gerry did development on next-gen e911 software.


Kathryn Frazier

Kathryn founded PR firm Biz 3 in 1997, growing a solo operation into one of the top taste-making companies in the music industry. Today, Kathryn and her team promote over 80 musicians, authors, filmmakers and visual artists. To quote URB, Biz 3 is "arguably the most prevalent PR firm in independent music today." Kathryn also consults for some of the biggest names in the music biz.

Adrian Scott

Adrian Scott is a pioneer of social networking, having founded Ryze, was a founding investor in Napster, and currently helps company build & ship technology and grow their metrics.

Irving Ebert

Irving co-founded the Purple Angel investment group in 2001 following a career in Telecom with Bell Canada, BNR and Nortel. Purple Angel has invested in 25 companies. He's served a director of a dozen public, private and non-profit companies.

Board Members

Yves Tremblay

Yves Tremblay is an engineer with 25 years of professional experience that includes Senior Vice President of Operations at JDS Uniphase (1998-­2001) and Vice President and Co-Founder at Fitel‐Photomatrix (1988-1998). He is an active member of Purple Angel an angel group based in Ottawa, Canada. Yves was a member of the Board of Directors for La Cité Collégiale community college (1999-2002), on the Board of Governors of the Ottawa Hospital (2002-2009, Chair 2005-2008) and Vice-Chair of the Board of Governors of the University of Ottawa (2007-2009).

Derrick Ho

Derrick joined the investment team at Covington Capital Corporation in 2011. He is focused on the review of business plans, the negotiation of potential investments and the management of portfolio companies. Prior to Covington, Derrick was a Director with VenGrowth Private Equity Partners Inc., with a focus on mezzanine investments and buy-outs. Derrick has also worked in mergers and acquisitions at Wolseley plc. and at PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP in the Assurance and Business Advisory Services group.


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