Skratch Bastid on Legitmix - Discover remixes of the music you love

Skratch Bastid on Legitmix - Discover remixes of the music you love

I am a professional disc jockey and music producer originally from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, currently residing in Toronto after a 5-year layover in Montreal. When I was 13, the only thing I wanted to listen to was the Wu-Tang Clan. I have since expanded my horizons, yet still remain loyal in spite of some terrible solo albums (Cappadonna, I'm looking at you). My mom convinced me to enter my first DJ competition, but has never been too fond of my alias. I once misjudged a pop fly while in Right Field only to be reminded the hard way that I forgot to wear my cup to practice. Still works. I enjoy records, basketball, ping pong, food, a good beverage, a good laugh, traveling to new places and hanging out with non-assholes. Visit my website for more music, videos, articles, commentary, sports betting advice & performance dates.

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