Marc West on Legitmix - Discover remixes of the music you love

Marc West on Legitmix - Discover remixes of the music you love

Hes one of Central Californias most known DJProducers, with a degree in crowd-rocking and 15 years of hard work to prove it. In 2002, he merged onto the radio airwaves as one of KSEQQ97s mix show DJs, scratching in his hottest mixes and skills to an audience of over 200,000 on-the-air. Marc West is a renowned video producer. His video remixes are currently played all over the U.S., Canada, Japan and all of Europe by the biggest names in the industry. He has a unique ability to move a crowd, not just by spinning records, but by captivating the crowds with an amazing display of his skills to electrify his venues. Stepping behind the turntables is his zone, and when he gets there, there is a magic that lights up the dance floor unlike any other.

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