Ceekay Jones on Legitmix - Discover remixes of the music you love

Ceekay Jones on Legitmix - Discover remixes of the music you love

Calling "Ceekay Jones" a brand new artist woulddefinitelybe the wrongstatement. Having spent the last 10 years touring the world singing and rapping for such acts as The New Tabu, Stereo Chemix, Skarhead, and of course solo, he has amassed a large unit of loyal listeners and a broadaudience. In that timehe'shas worked with and performed with acts and Grammy winning producers such as Tim Armstrong of Rancid, Alkaline Trio, KRS-One, Mad Lion, Puddle of Mudd, House of Pain and Limp Bizkit just to name a few. Blending his vocal styles of PunkRock and Hip Hop he has become a true entertainer and vocalist. Now focusedpurelyon his solo career "Ceekay Jones" is finally taking all his musical style andblendingit into what he calls his true sound. Known as "The Original Gucci Punk" Ceekay Jones embodies everything as an entertainer from his sound to his amazingawarenessof style. Hetrulyis theindustriesnext Rising Star.

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