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November 23, 2012
Jazz Mash-Up DJ
A mashup of Miles Davis theme from "Elevator to the Gallows" and LCD SoundSystem "New York I love You but You are Bringing Me Down".

Born as a Youtube viral video experiment, this extended version (includes outro solo!) is remastered and equalized for a better listening experience.

Your download will include:
- LCD Soundsystem original song: "New York I ove You, But You Are Bringing Me Down" [purchased from itunes]
- Miles Davis original "Generique" improvisation from "Elevator To The Gallows" Original Soundtrack [purchased from itunes]
- Gerardity mashup "Elevator To New York" [for free from legitmix - no commercial use intended]

NOTICE: Please listen carefully to the preview, to hear quality of the mix and volumes (despite author's best efforts, it's a home made work, so better listening before buying!).

Released in 2012

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