We started Legitmix 6-years ago with the goal of creating an equitable home for remix where remixers can legally sell their work while getting the artists they sample credit and paid. Our goal was to provide an alternative to the status quo where most remixes didn’t benefit the sampled artists. Our tiny team from Ottawa set out with this idea to make a difference. Along the way, many people joined to support our cause. Investors provided us money to build the platform. Music industry veterans gave us guidance and introductions. Notable remixers such as Diplo and DJ Earworm were early adopters. We've never received negative feedback from rightsholders for our efforts to get their artists paid. We had high hopes for our win-win solution for remix. Sadly, we’ve reached the end of our rope and have shut down. Thank you to the remixers, customers, friends and family who have supported our mission. This is not the outcome we wanted. Hopefully one day an equitable solution for remix will succeed.

The Legitmix Team